Taxes & Incentives

When it comes to pro-business climate, one would be hard-pressed to identify a better example than Orlando, Florida. KPMG recently named Orlando the No. 2 most cost-competitive location in the U.S. (large cities) in its 2016 Competitive Alternatives study reviewing key cost components including taxes, labor, facilities, transportation and utilities. On a state level, Florida has routinely been named the 2nd best state for business by Chief Executive Magazine.

Incentives are available to qualifying relocating and expanding companies on a case-by-case basis with job creation, quality of wages and capital investment being the significant deciding factors. Available incentives include:

Available incentives include:

The state and local tax climate can also be considered an advantage to investing in the region.

Florida has ...

NO state personal income tax guaranteed by constitutional provision

NO corporate income tax on limited partnerships

NO corporate income tax on subchapter S-corporations

NO corporate franchise tax on capital stock

NO state-level property tax assessed

NO property tax on business inventories

NO sales tax on manufacturing machinery and equipment

NO property tax on goods-in-transit for up to 180 days

NO sales and use tax on goods manufactured or produced in Florida for export outside the state

NO sales tax on purchases of raw materials incorporated in a final product for resale, including non-reusable containers or packaging

NO sales/use tax on co-generation of electricity