Leadership Orlando 2.0: The Impact Project

The Next Step for Leadership Orlando Alumni

When Leadership Orlando classes graduate, alumni return to the community with strong connections and fresh perspectives. Outside of their professions, many alumni are left wondering how they can apply what they learned to have a direct impact on their community.  Leadership Orlando 2.0: Impact Project is how.

The Impact Project is an opportunity for Leadership Orlando alumni to transition from learning about our region to actively impacting it for the better. Through the Art of Collective Leadership and the practice of Strategic Foresight, teams will work together to ideate solution recommendations that address commonly identified challenges and will impact the future of Orlando. 

Hands-On Impact

Transform from an actively engaged civic leader into a community champion. Through the combination of a foresight framework with the Art of Collective Leadership practices, leaders will drive impact around a collectively identified community issue.

The Partnership has partnered with Kissimmee-based foresight, innovation and strategic design firm, Kedge, LLC, to lead participants in their foresight methodology to achieve long-term solutions to a pressing issue in our community. Leaders will not only impact their community during this program, but they will add strategic foresight to their leadership toolkit to continue transforming both their professional and personal endeavors.

How will this experience empower me and my community for the future?

Leadership Orlando 2.0: The Impact Project will:
  • Provide a platform to BUILD cross-sector relationships;
  • CREATE a hands-on and immersive community experience;
  • Utilize the Art of Collective Leadership to create CHANGE; and
  • Use Strategic Foresight skills to draw IMPACT

Who will participate?

Enrollment for Team I has concluded. For information on future Teams, contact Danielle Permenter.

Connect With Us

Danielle Permenter
Senior Director, Regional Talent Initiatives