Leadership Orlando 2.0 – The Impact Project

The Next Step for Leadership Orlando Alumni

When Leadership Orlando classes graduate, our alumni return to our community with strong connections, fresh perspective and often asking “what’s next”? Leadership Orlando 2.0 – The Impact Project answers that question.

From the ranks of more than 5,000 alumni, 30 individuals will raise their hand to be a part of Team II of Leadership Orlando 2.0 – The Impact Project. This program requires a commitment to understanding the root causes underlying barriers to socio-economic mobility and an openness necessary to apply collective impact as a framework for regional solutions with outcomes that likely take a generation to be realized.

Hands-On Impact

With 46 percent of our community living paycheck to paycheck, Team I of Leadership Orlando 2.0 cemented its legacy by creating a foresight-fueled Impact on Social Mobility agenda. The agenda aligns with a model for broad-based prosperity and calls for leaders to think about these challenges in a different way.
Team II participants will be immersed in barriers the workforce in the region face every day and will use Team I’s framework to build a strategy for impact on social mobility aimed at addressing our challenges of affordable housing, transportation options and well-being. Tackling such complex challenges will require candid conversations and willingness to think differently. Join us as we give freedom to think about the long-term impact of the issues that are driving our region.

Who will participate?

Team II is open to 30 Leadership Orlando graduates. Join Team II today!

Tuition is $4,000 and includes all program costs, meals, receptions and graduation.

Connect With Us

Danielle Permenter
Senior Director, Regional Talent Initiatives