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In bustling metropolises and in quaint small towns across America, communities are molded and sustained by leaders with a passion and a zest for a certain quality of life that they associate with their hometown. Whether they were born, raised or migrated to their "hometown of choice," community leaders have a great deal in common.

Following in the footsteps of their forefathers or touched by a critical issue such as educational excellence or preservation of the environment, community leaders have the best interests of their community and its citizens at the heart of everything they do.

Almost 50 years ago, a movement began to take hold across America. As the story goes, an airline tragedy involving the loss of life of a majority of one community's leadership core sparked the idea of continuous and on-going community leadership development and training. By training tomorrow's leaders today, community leadership programs teach a cross-section of public, private and independent sector leaders about the communities in which they live and do business while building lasting friendships and professional associations among colleagues participating in the journey with them.

Right here in Central Florida, one of the oldest and certainly the largest community leadership program in America, Leadership Orlando, has carried the banner of building leaders for tomorrow since 1975. With over 5,000 graduates, Leadership Orlando counts many of today's leaders including elected officials, law enforcement officials, classroom teachers, and many influential CEOs among its ranks, reaching across and beyond the seven-county Central Florida Region.

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Lisa Winkelbauer
Director, Leadership Orlando