Unions & Guilds

As a right-to-work state, Florida provides employers and employees with a substantial degree of flexibility. While Florida should not be considered a "non-union" state, by state law, employers have the right to hire anyone they choose, whether that person belongs to a union or not. At the same time, membership in a union cannot be a requirement for employment. The decision whether or not to join a union in Florida is up to individual employees. Union leaders eagerly support production and are known to be very flexible with visiting production companies.

Production companies may hire, at their discretion, both union and non-union employees for the same production. Union members have the right to work as non-union employees and many times will do so but employers may still be asked to negotiate a contract with the union.

For information on each association, click on their name to visit their website.

Directors Guild of America // 800.356.3754

IATSE Local 161 // 212.977.9655

IATSE Local 477 // Fred Moyse, Business Manager // 800.423.6477

IATSE Local 631 // Michael LaNinfra, Business Manager // 407.422.2747

IATSE Local 798 // Thomas Sobeck, District Field Representative // 561.798.6618

Local 600 International Cinematographers Guild // John Hilsman, Central Region Director // 305.538.9226

SAG-AFTRA South Region Director // 305.670.7677 or 800.844.5439

Teamsters Local 385 // Clay Jeffries, Secretary/Treasurer // 407.298.7037 x301