Law Enforcement

Metro Orlando law enforcement agencies promise to serve, protect and stay out of the director’s way! Determining whether one or more officers will be necessary depends on the impact of the production. Generally, when traffic control, pyrotechnics or crowd control is involved, officers are required. In addition, when production involves the use of firearms, weapon-type props or the portrayal of a crime, officers are required. For the purpose of this section, Orange County is used as an example of how to hire off-duty officers to assist film productions.

RATE SAMPLES: For Orange County, the 2014 rate for police officers is $44 per hour with a four-hour minimum. Unless otherwise stipulated, officers must be paid for their services at the completion of the production day.

Other cities and counties in Metro Orlando have similar rate structures and procedures. The Film Commission will assist in contacting each agency directly.

Note: In the event of cancellation, the Film Commission requires 24 business hours’ notice to cancel any requested officers on a production’s behalf. Otherwise, the production will be responsible for agreed-upon officer payments or contacting the proper authorities directly to confirm cancellation.

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