Insurance Requirements

General Liability Policy

  • A minimum of $1 million each occurrence.
  • In the case of pyrotechnic effect or stunt, there is a minimum of $5 million each occurrence.

Automobile Liability Policy

(Required when filming from within an auto or filming staged autos, or for certain jurisdictions.)
  • A minimum of $1 million each occurrence.
  • Coverage shall include liability for “any auto or scheduled autos” including hired and non-owned automobile liability.

Workers Compensation and Employers Liability – Florida

  • Must comply with Chapter 440 of the Florida Statues covering Florida Statutory benefits and employers liability ($100/$500/$100).
  • Applies to firms that have one or more employees regardless of requirements of statute.
  • Evidence must be submitted on a bona fide certificate of insurance.

All Certificates must include:

  • The city or county held additionally insured.  (The Film Office will give you the correct certificate holder addresses.)
  • A 30-day endeavor to notify cancellation or non-renewal.
  • Authorized personnel signature at the bottom of the insurance certificate.

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