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The  Orlando region covers Orange, Seminole, Lake and Osceola counties and the City of Orlando, extending over 4,012 square miles. Metro Orlando's diverse location backdrop has duplicated six of the seven continents and includes rolling hills, wild swamps, lush jungles, unspoiled pastures and great bodies of water which paint a diverse landscape that can fit almost every location need. There are urban pockets, quiet suburbs, and winding roads leading to rustic, small towns. In the midst of it all, palatial estates, ranging from Georgian to Mediterranean, outline well-manicured golf courses and great bodies of water.

With the ability to film year-round — the average temperature is 82.0 degrees Fahrenheit — it's no wonder that Central Florida's film and television community has flourished into a nationally recognized location destination.

The Orlando Film Commission maintains one of the finest digital location libraries in the industry. Can't find what you want online? Contact us with your specific location needs and we’ll send you a customized digital location package, accessible anytime from anywhere.

Our office will also perform confidential script breakdowns to match your location needs with locations in our area. We will then provide you with a customized and complete location package. In addition, individualized scouting/familiarization tours can be arranged for producers who want to evaluate locations in the Orlando region.

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If you have a property that you would like to add to our Digital Location Library, download and complete the "Location Database Entry Request Form." 

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