If you have thought about moving your business to the Metro Orlando area, IDRBs (or Industrial Development Revenue Bonds) are an incentive that can save you money. Orange, Seminole, Lake and Osceola counties in the Metro Orlando area, have a knowledgeable organization that wants to show you all the incentives the area can offer corporations looking to relocate to the sunny Florida. Because the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission (or EDC) represent the city and county governments in the Metro Orlando Area, they are authorized to help with incentives such as IDRBs to bring more businesses and jobs to the area.

When you are looking to move your corporate headquarters, there are advantages the Metro Orlando area can offer that other areas can't. Theme parks, shopping, entertainment and restaurants are some of the best in the world, and housing options are some of the most affordable. When it comes to a prime location for commerce, the Metro Orlando area is considered a major commercial center. The added benefits that IDRBs financing can offer make your corporate relocation more affordable.

With the use of IDRBs, you can finance your relocation to the area. The bonds can be used for land acquisition, new construction, purchase or renovating existing facilities or the purchase of new machinery and equipment. Another cost-saving benefit is that the interest rates are usually two to three percentage points lower than the current bank prime lending rates, making the bonds a very attractive way to start a new business location.

An IDRB is a tax-exempt debt obligation that requires some paperwork to complete. The EDC can help you with incentive details during the bond application process. It can take up to two months to get your bond application approved. Financing your corporate relocation can help your company grow and thrive in the Metro Orlando areas, a leading industrial and commercial location.

The advantages of a great year-round climate, affordable housing and a large work force are just a few of the reasons that the Metro Orlando area is a top consideration for many businesses thinking about relocating to Florida. The great recreational opportunities are another reason why some businesses consider relocating to the area. With  theme parks, sandy beaches, world-class fishing and golf Florida is a hub of activity.

Central Florida and Metro Orlando area can offer advantages when you are considering the relocation of your corporate headquarters. Many leading corporations have their headquarters in the Metro Orlando area and with IDRBs to finance relocation, there isn't any reason the area shouldn't be top on your list of possible locations.

If you need further details about the advantages the Metro Orlando area can offer or find out more about IDRBs or Industrial Development Revenue Bonds, The Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission can help you understand the advantages an IDRB can offer your business.

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