Lake County

Lake County offers a great business climate.

Affordable land and an exceptional pro-business attitude have allowed Lake County to successfully pursue business expansion across a wide range of industries from local, one-man shops to multi-national corporations. With a fully equipped infrastructure system that includes a road and rail system network, Lake’s highways and byways make shipping and transportation to regional employment centers and national shipping corridors quick and easy. Proximity to Florida's Turnpike also allows for easy and efficient distribution throughout the state and the southeast.

Lake County's strategically located, county-owned commerce park serves as a model for efficient permitting. Local government aggressively provides incentives to qualified businesses. Other key assets are Lake Technical Center and Lake-Sumter State College, both of which prepare citizens for the challenges of the job market. From on-going industry cluster analyses to the identification and development of strategic growth corridors, Lake County provides optimal opportunities for businesses to start, grow and thrive in Lake County.

Lake County offers its residents a simple, “Real Florida” lifestyle with plenty of charm and hospitality.  Perched atop the Lake Wales Ridge, Lake County offers grand vistas from a range of rolling hills and an array of natural resources for you to enjoy.

Leading Employers

Company Number of Employees
Leesburg Regional Medical Center 1,826
Florida Hospital Waterman 1,482
South Lake Hospital 1,143
Dura-Stress 425
Lake-Sumter State College 280
Cherry Lake Tree Farms 260
Cutrale Citrus Juices USA 230
Senninger Irrigation 210
Florida's Natural 150
Quiteflex Manufacturing 100
Source: Direct Company Contact; Orlando Sentinel; Orlando Business Journal - December 2014

Lake County Contacts

Lake County
Chairman Timothy Sullivan

Lake County Leadership

Robert Chandler
Economic Development & Tourism Director