Osceola County

Visionary leadership has diversified tourism economy in Osceola County

In Osceola County, visionary government and business leaders have paved the way for diversification of an economy that has long been rooted in tourism.

Signs of success include a thriving 1,200-acre industrial park at Poinciana and cutting-edge commercial development at Celebration, an Osceola community conceived and built by the Walt Disney World Company, which encompasses office, retail and residential sites. Rapid permitting and aggressive incentive packages further enhance this county's attractiveness for relocation and expansion.

Future development will center around the 12.5-mile Osceola Parkway, which connects Orlando International Airport with local attractions and numerous major thoroughfares. Accessible and affordable property is available for development along the parkway. Also on the drawing board for Osceola County is a world-class exposition center, which will even further enhance the region's international identity.

Below are links to Osceola County agencies:

Osceola County Government
Osceola County Property Appraiser
Osceola County Sheriff's Office